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The core of what we stand for is our research and experience.

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Engineering- to Our Core.

From our inception, we have been an engineering, R&D, and design company with more than 15 years of research, awards and IP.  With over years of collective experience in CNT engineering in sensors and other applications, MCET can offer a tried and tested approach to keeping your plant or process competitive.  We also have the means to improve your health- both personal and structural by introducing "new to the world" patented technologies.  

How does our expertise make the difference?

Simply stated, our IP can change your game. By focusing on structural health, we have developed new to the world patented technology that will change the way you conduct your business.

Applied Patents

MCET has a number of applied patents that are used in the development of our technology.  Some of the more applicable patents are listed below:

Non invasive tech


Manufacturing Processes



Civil Eng Diagram

Pressure Sensors


Flexible Sensors- Elbow


Wearable Sensors


USO 11840798B2

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