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There are 6.2M miles of pipeline infrastructure globally at risk of catastrophic failure due to component failures.  MCET has patented technology that can answer this need and provide real-time structural  monitoring of pressure and structural integrity in pipelines and sealing technology. 


Carbon Nanotubes


Expected Applications

Expected applications for our CNT technology in pipelines and sealing technology.
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Technology Description

A high level description of how our tech works- and what makes is a better monitoring technology.
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Research & Literature

The information that apples to our applied patents, carbon nanotube research, and literature.
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Looking for Partners

Invest in a true differentiated, platform technology

MCET is open to speaking with partners to move our technology forward.  Our patented technology utilizes carbon nanotube-based coating as a thin layer (~100µm or less) on a variety of materials and surfaces.


  • Non-invasive technology - no "foreign object damage“
  • Potential application on surface of structure - or on mixed within polymer/rubber material
  • Can be applied to metal, concrete, rubber, aramid and other materials
  • Pressure sensing range from 10 kPa - 60 MPa or more
  • Patented application and sensing processes
  • Able to withstand repeatable bending and multiple loadings
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Customer Discovery

...Now, we have a training tool that we use, strain gauge bolts which are run through a laptop...But we can't put that in the field.  So.... nothing exists (like MCET CNT technology)

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O&G Interview- 2021
Customer Comment

So if I were be able to track what they're actually doing at home and give them a visual biofeedback, "Look, you did it, and it didn't hurt you. You're doing it." So it just help in those cases too.

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Medical Survey- 2021
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...For me, I mean, there are many factors there [in terms of pipe NDE], and that's why the continuous monitoring technique is an advantage.

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O&G Survey- 2022
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